Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fridays Unfolded #145

Last week, I was unable to link up here, to share anything with you lovely readers, because I was somewhere else.

Where it was warm.

I wrote a little about that here.  Only I have this tendency to metaphorize everything in my life (that's not a word by the way...I totally made it up), so instead of writing about how my youngest daughter literally squealed with joy then entire time we were near the ocean, I wrote about crossing our proverbial oceans of fear and standing firm on the other side.

But both things happened.  The crossing of this ocean (metaphorically of course) and the squealing of joy (literally.)

I crossed this ocean, or rather I'd guess I'm in the middle of it, when I jumped on the homeschooling raft almost almost seven years ago.

This week, while I was meandering down an actual beach, not a figurative one, my friend, Liz, from The Quick Journey Blog, wrote an ebook about her raft-embarkment (only she doesn't bore her readers with metaphors like I do.  She really called it "homeschooling").  It is a delightful book, full of things I wish someone would have told me years ago.  I read it and I highly recommend it.

Now I'm back in the land of snow and ice, where temperature is hovering around 15 degrees and am ready to look at some features from last week's party.  It's warm inside and I'm thankful for heat, blankets, wool socks, and these lovely recipes to try.

Krista shared these with us:

Nicola shared a recipe for these lovely little english muffins:

And Sarah shared with us this egg scramble that looks amazing.  It has like all of my favorite things in it, save chocolate. 

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