A Simple Place

I don't do a lot here.

Except write.

I don't have time to upload an abundance of really creative pictures.  I don't really have a lot of time for social media or self-promoting.  To be honest, the latter makes me a little queasy.

I homeschool.  I take care of my home.  I read books and knit.  I spend time with my beautiful, life-giving family and friends.

And I write.

I write because it burns always within me and the more I do it, the deeper I float.  I write because it is life-giving and brings me to a place of complete surrender.

Social media doesn't do that for me.  Uploading pictures doesn't do that for me.  I despise HTML and I abhor anything that forces me to learn it.

I write about our day, my day, the day of the random person down the street.  I write about my mind and where it goes and how it spins.  (You may want to skip those.  They are boring and confusing.)  I write about picking up my cross and following my Christ to a hill of self-sacrifice bound for holiness.

I'm a massive failure deliriously drowning in grace.

I like to write about that, too.

It's simple around here.

And really pretty quiet.

Because writing, for some of us, is a calming, adrenaline-inducing, God-seeking event.  For others of you, it is not.  Your cup of tea dissolves a different kind of sweetener.  You take beautiful pictures, create masterpieces with your pen or sewing machine, or any other of the countless varieties of outlets.

I love to see the creation of God creating.

But for my part, I create mostly rambling, run-on sentences.  I do like other things.  Like knit.  Or exercise.  Or eat.  (Chocolate mostly.)

But my favorite?  What I come back to when simplicity knocks at my door and begs me to come out and play?

I write.


Just because.


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