Monday, September 10, 2012

The Quiet

There's something about the sun.  The way it rises and falls every day.  The way the life of all in this world depend on its rays.  Dependable.  Constant.  In it we find life, rest and warmth.

It's no wonder Jesus called Himself the Light of the world. It's not at all surprising that our savior compares His love to the source of all warmth.

This world is fallen and lonely and sin permeates every ounce of resolve.  The sun beating ceremoniously upon my is here I find peace. The light of the world burns out my worries as the Light of the World speaks clearly from the throne.

This place.  It cannot be replicated inside walls.

Likewise, our Lord cannot cannot nourish our withering souls unless they stand clear in the open air.  We can put up walls...mount defenses...sit inside our air conditioned castles surrounded by moats of self-righteousness...and, while always shining, the Rays will bounce off the stone-cold walls of our hearts as we stand emptied and sick.

Healing can only come as we venture we remain vulnerable and clothe our weariness with humility.

Only when the screens fade and we sit in silence can our Savior be  heard.

He speaks in the quiet.  Our souls receive nourishment in the calm.  And our hearts are more stilled as we embrace the solitude.

Let us take a moment midst of the hurry...and sit quiet in the Son.
"The warmth cascades over my shoulders.
The light burns bright as my soul responds.
Drops of tranquility slice the stillness and ripple into the blue beyond.
I, lone and purified, sit
And marvel as the beauty hangs low in the clear, vast blue."




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