Friday, October 21, 2011

The Beauty That Heals

We enjoyed a great day outside today.  The fresh air was soothing and the leaves crunching under my feet were therapeutic.  After a day (week) of failing, I finally feel refreshed and motivated. 

There is something about being outside that nourishes me.  It is essential for my growth and survival.  The air blows past me and carries with it my frustration and anxieties.  The birds chirp, echo my song and the stress dissipates.  The trees rustle in the wind and their music soothes.  The sun shines and reminds of all that is right in my life....the warmth covers me and I soar once more. 

And my grass is green.  In the midst of the the midst of an approaching the midst of a life of the midst of the storms...I see Jesus.  His sun shines and His wind blows and His birds sing...and I am caught up in the beauty of it all.  I hold my children and give thanks.


  1. I believe Beauty will save the world . . .

  2. So true Christy!! If only we would see...